Hey! My name is Nico and I hand make wooden fingerboards/skateboard decks in Massachusetts. When I started RaviSauce the name was just “Ravi”. Nothing special went into the name other than ravioli as my favorite food. Now, with the name “RaviSauce”, you imagine many different things. I personally think of Sauce as all the unique ingredients that make the sauce taste delicious. All these ingredients are like all of the things that I make/sell. I aim for RaviSauce to be as unique as possible: and for you, the customer, to enjoy the sauce that I serve.

I started RaviSauce in 2016 with just fingerboards and paper graphics. 5 years later I make the highest quality boards with the most unique shape on the market, really high quality clothing for cheap, skateboards, and now music production. RaviSauce is my lifestyle now; I’ve been building Ravi for the past 5 years and am very happy with what it turned into.

What makes RaviSauce unique from other brands?

The love I put into each creation of mine. I make sure everything is perfect by the time it’s shipped out the door.

I try not to get any inspiration from other artists to make sure my designs are 100% my own ideas.

I keep going back to quality but I’m not kidding. I use the same manufacturers that huf and supreme use for the clothes. I only get around 30-50 pieces per design to make each piece limited and never make that design again.